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Baleshwar Temple

It is one of the ancient temple which is situated in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand, India. It was built by the rulers of the Chand dynasty carved with the different posters of the local deities which is magnificent. It is believed that temple was built between 10th to 20th century AD and the architecture is an example of South Indian stone carving work and it has also been declared as National Heritage Monument by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) since 1952. There is a huge crowd here on Mahashivaratri. This place has two more temples together, one is dedicated to Goddess Durga ji and another is dedicated to Bhagwan Ratnaswar.

Places to visit near BALESHWAR TEMPLE

  1. Kranteshwar Mahadev temple
  2. Ek Hathiya ka Naula
  3. Patal rudreshwar
  4. Reetha Meetha Sahib
  5. Banasur ka Kila

Travel Route From Delhi

  • Distance by Road         412 Kms
  • Distance by Flight         292 Kms
  • Travel Time by Road is  9:57 hrs
  • Nearest Airport in Delhi  Indira Gandhi
  • Nearest Airport in Champawat    Pantnagar


Can vary around

  • 17°C – 30°C in summers
  • 4°C – 15°C in winters,

Best Time To Visit

  • Summer (April – June) because in summer time the weather is very beautiful
  • Winter snowfall (October to march) this time period is best to visit if you love snowfall

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