Day 4 Lower Khullara to Pangarchulla (14700 ft) & back to Lower Khullara (12-16 hours)

Being a summit day, today will be the longest & toughest day of the entire trek. Participants are equipped with the necessary gear for the trek ahead. We will start by 12:00 – 1:00 in the morning from Lower Khulara campsite. The aim is to reach the Pangarchulla summit by noontime. Please note that the time taken to reach the summit from lower Khullara depends mainly on the weather conditions and season along with individual fitness levels. In peak winter months there is an ample amount of snow which makes it comparatively easier to trek on as opposed to the months when there is less snow, as a result, huge boulders are exposed thus increasing the trek time. We would advise you to talk to the trek leader about the conditions of the trail and snow so as to prepare yourself accordingly. View from any summit is a breathtaking sight. Just imagine witnessing the peaks of Higher Himalayas and those snow-capped peaks changing color and a clear 360-degree view of mountains. The name Pangarchulla comes from Pangar, a fruit that widely grows in the valley, and chullah which is a U-shaped Indian cooking stove. The view of the valley from the summit looks like a chullah, hence the name Pangarchulla. After spending some time on the summit we will start our downward journey back to Lower Khullara campsite. We should be able to reach Lower Khullara by evening. There will be a cutoff time for summit attempt & turn around time would be 12:00-01:00 PM.

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