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This place is situated on the banks of River Bhagirathi in Uttarkashi District and is untouched gem of Uttarakhand which has least commercialization and full of solitude and serenity which makes it a perfect place for tourists to relax and rejuvenate. As it is only few kilometers from the Gangotri River, this place is also known as ‘Camper’s Bay of Uttarakhand’.  The best time to visit this place would be the summer season because during this time the temperature is moderate and beauty of the town remains at its best.

There are many trekking route you can do in Harsil, there are majorly 3 reasons for Harsil to become very popular among visitors which are Trekking, Pilgrimage and Village tourism visitors come here for seeking a peaceful life style of the villagers with beautiful and clean holy river ganga (also known as goddess ganga river).

Place to Visit in Harsil

  1. Dharali
  2. Mukhwas village
  3. Sattal
  4. Gangnani
  5. Gangotri

Travel Route From Delhi

  • Distance by Road         476 Kms
  • Distance by Flight         307 Kms
  • Travel Time by Road is  12:11 hrs
  • Nearest Airport in Delhi  Indira Gandhi
  • Nearest Airport in Champawat    JollyGrant


Can vary around

  • 22°C – 09°C in summers
  • 5°C – -9°C in winters

Best Time To Visit

  • Summer (April to July) because in summer time the weather is very beautiful
  • Winter snowfall (October to march) this time period is best to visit if you love snowfall



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