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Yamunotri Temple

Yamunotri is situated on the Kalind Mountain at an altitude of 4421 meters above sea level which is a frozen ice lake and glacier. It was the residence of Asit Muni.

There is a huge rock pillar in the temple courtyard, which is known as Divyashila. Yamunotri temple attendant 3235 m. Located at a height. Here too, lakhs of devotees visit from May to October. This place remains completely cover with snow during winter. Therefore, on the holy festival of Akshaya Tritiya (April-May), the doors of the temple open and the doors are closed on the day of Deepawali (October-November).

There are many water fountains around this temple which fall in many kund (pool), the most well-known kund (pool) is Suryakund. This kund is known for its highest temperature of 80’C. Devotees tie rice and potatoes in cloth bundles and cook them in the hot water of this kunds to offer as a prasad to the goddess. After making offerings to the Goddess, the devotees take these cooked rice as offerings to their respective homes. There is a rock near Suryakund called Divya Shila. This rock is also called Divya Jyoti Shila. Devotees worship this rock before worshiping Bhagwati Yamuna.

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